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Rob, a comment on debating between "Continuous Onboarding or Behavioral Product Strategy" , Continuous onboarding works really well and is actually feels like a much larger domain the BPS, although it is a subset, paradoxically.

CO as you have been expounding is extremely relevant outside of a product domain - the problems that CO solves are the problems that all organizations that have internal systems are trying to solve - how do we fold people into our system and ensure that the collective adapts together as the organization changes and the context that the org is in changes.

I understand you're trying to hone the scope of your book, but I just wanted to say that when i read much of what you're writing I not only think about software but I think of collaboration and the internal systems and technologies(loosely defined) that groups use.

I'm taking "Continuous Onboarding" as a metaphor to think by. It's kind of like, how can you ensure you keep folks in a growth mindset without forcing it. It's good for software, and good for people in general.

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I mean, you're right, thanks for pointing that out! I'll probably gear my examples for the domains I know (software product design, game design), but maybe I'll have a section that prompts people to think about how it might apply to different domains.

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Yeah, stick to what you know best! I personally believe the richer the specifics of the examples in work like this, the easier it is for someone to make fertile parallels.

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